"EPL Diamond", founded in 1994,
The largest producer of diamond jewellery.

Today, EPL Diamond is a group of companies combining its own lapidary production, its own jewellery production and its own retail chain of jewellery stores.
Since 1994, masterpieces from the "EPL Diamonds”set the tone for fashion and became a part of the most secret stories for people around the world. Brand “EPL Diamonds ” began its history in 1994 when Mr Fedorov organized the EPL Diamond experimental production laboratory for diamond processing.

For 24 years of successful work “EPL Diamonds” firmly won the status of a leader in the jewellery market. Today the company has more than 150 stores located in Kazakhstan, Germany, USA, Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, New Zealand, Estonia, Latvian, Lithuania. Diamonds of "EPL Diamonds”possess the Triple Excellent absolute clarity characteristic recognized by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and are the standard of impeccable taste and the highest quality.

One of the main assets of the EPL Diamond jewellery house is the patented unique method of cutting FIRING ICE. “Firing Ice” - these are ideal diamonds according to the international standard “Hearts and arrows”. Only 1% of the world's rough diamonds are suitable for producing perfect diamonds. Thanks to its own school of cutters and jewelers, the training in which meets all international quality standards, “EPL Diamonds” has been offering its customers the ideally cut Firing Ice Diamonds since 2008.

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Email: dct.diamonds@gmail.com

Mobile No: 971 52 6939391

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Parsel ID 598-1319

Manager : Anna Tikhanova

License No: 975024